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4 differences between HIIT vs HYPOXI

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4 differences between HIIT vs HYPOXI

On February 10, 2017, Posted by , In General Health,Weightloss, With Comments Off on 4 differences between HIIT vs HYPOXI

You are at the beginning of the year and you are probably wondering what exercise to do. There are SO many out there and they all cater to various needs. You want to be fit but you also want to be lean. You don’t want it to be strenuous yet want to FEEL like you have done something – and the list goes on. Below are 4 differences between the popular High Intensity Interval Training AKA ‘HIIT’ vs. HYPOXI to help make your mind up about the best exercise for you this year.


HIIT is high intensity training for short bursts followed by a rest (example 1 minute sprinting, one minute walking) and this over-exertion of energy cannot physically be sustained for long periods of time. HYPOXI is a low intensity exercise in which you maintain an even, consistent speed for the duration of your workout. Its the technology alongside movement that encourages fat loss with HYPOXI.


HIIT assists weight loss by shocking the body. It goes from an extremely high heart rate to a low heart rate and this intense change encourages weight loss.
HYPOXI is a slow and steady exercise – HYPOXI wants you to remain in your ‘fat burning’ zone so you are effectively burning through your fat stores.


Due to its extreme and high impact nature, HIIT is reported to put your body under immense pressure when done over a prolonged period of time. This removes those who have previously suffered injuries as the wear and tear of your muscles can lead to further injuries.
HYPOXI is low impact exercise, therefore it puts no pressure on your joints. You are either lying down, gently cycling or lightly walking at a slow and steady rate. HYPOXI has minimal limitations, it is for all ages and for those with previous injuries (if passed by the doctor of course!).


Because your heart rate needs to go from extremely high to very low for maximum effect, HIIT requires a medium-high level of fitness. This means, you are probably ruled out if you haven’t exercised in awhile.
HYPOXI is for ALL fitness levels and ages. It is also great for those who have actually been injured or out of action for a long time as it allows them to continue exercising without putting pressure on their bodies.

So which one will it be? HIIT or HYPOXI?

If you want to stay on track with HYPOXI, here are 3 tips on how: https://www.hypoxi.com.au/3-health-habits-compliment-hypoxi/

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