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HYPOXI-Coach Day On a Plate

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HYPOXI-Coach Day On a Plate

On May 1, 2017, Posted by , In Lifestyle,Nutrition, With Comments Off on HYPOXI-Coach Day On a Plate


If there’s one person at HYPOXI Australia whose eating and exercise habits we are all envious of, it’s our HYPOXI-Coach, Katie. She has worked and trained at HYPOXI Chippendale for a year and has a Degree in Nutrition. It was only logical to ask her exactly what her diet consists of.


I generally prepare and pack my food the night before during the work week.


Lately I’ve been soaking 1/3 cup of oats in coconut kefir water overnight along with seasonal fruit (or I always have a stash of frozen blueberries on standby if I’m out of fresh fruit)
The usual suspects I add to that in the morning are – crushed linseeds, tahini, coconut, pepitas, nuts (walnut, almonds or Brazil).
Green tea.
This keeps all pistons firing until lunch.


Lunch varies. Sundays I do a cook off that I stagger throughout the week and add a salad onto it. For example, one of the things I always have is a frittata made – no two are ever the same. Anything can go into it from sweet potato to spinach to mushrooms, to zucchini to broccoli stalks. Whatever I can find in my veggie draw in the fridge, lightly sautéd and beaten eggs poured over the top.


I don’t generally snack, but if I find I need something, I’ve found a cup of Bone Broth will tie me over. I have a jar of a dehydrated one that I keep in the fridge at work. I just add a couple of scoops to boiled water and sip away.
If I want something sweeter, I opt for a scoop of protein powder (lately I’m using Sunwarrior – chocolate flavour) in coconut water – shake and go!



My dinner is very similar to lunch. Protein and veg.Tonight is fish from the markets cooked with celery, garlic and tamari served on a bed of brown rice & veg stir fry. (Yay to carbs after morning HYPOXI session)

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